TEKUT EDC Folding Knife TOUGH Scandinavian Sandvik Steel 12C27 Back


EDC knife TOUGH with black G10 handle and blade made of Scandinavian 12C27 Sandvik steel.

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After ZERO, we consider providing a reliable EDC cutting tool for high-intensity workers, which is the original spirit of TOUGH design.

Although it is designed for high-strength use, TOUGH is an EDC knife as well, so we make the overall length total 20cm, this size is still easy to carry, but also the blade size is greater for more work done. TOUGH keeps the G10 handle instead of fancy and popular 3D surface handle design. The handle thickness is 12.5 mm and this optimizes the grip sense of the handle, comfort and safety.

The TOUGH is target to maintain the balance of the cutting edge and the puncture function while maximizing the strength of the tip while ensuring the length of the cutting edge.  We use the popular fins system, with help of the wrist and fin system; the knife could be open quickly.

Last but not least, the TOUGH is also equipped with the TEKUT Special Mobillip™ clip. 

THOUGH Specification:

Steel: Sandvik 12C27

Handle: G10

Length: Overall: 200mm; Blade: 90mm

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