NEX N21C - 21″ Duty Baton - N21C Quic (Steel)


High-quality 21" baton with internationally patented locking system

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21" heavy duty baton without TR certificate. 
The patented mechanism and fewer individual parts than conventional batons make the NEX N21C an absolutely reliable means of command and control. 
NEXTORCH is a leading supplier of police, law enforcement and military equipment for the protection of personnel worldwide and naturally relies on high-precision manufacturing quality and the selection of the best materials for this operational tool as well. 
The handle is made of high-quality TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) and is particularly praised by experts in the field for its excellent slip resistance in wet conditions. 
The NEX 21C handle feels absolutely comfortable in the hand in any situation and reliably absorbs shocks.  
All these features make the NEX 21C a resistant and reliable partner in all situations.




  • Material:                   Alloy Steel; TPE Rubber
  • Diameter:                 8.82″/ 21″ 
  • Weight:                     ≤ 19.75 oz (532±10 g)
  • Impact Resistance:  2 m

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