Battery 18650 USB Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) -DC0084- 3.6V 3.400mAh for TA30/TA5/PA5/P5G/TA4/TA40/18650 Models incl. Protection Circuit


Up to 55% more capacity than the standard 18650 battery from Nextorch and now directly rechargeable via USB.... With the replacement 18650 Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) 3.6V 3.400mAh battery for TA30, TA5, TA3, PA5, P5G, TA4, TA40 and all other myTorch 18650 models, your Nextorch LED torch is instantly rechargeable anywhere and always ready for use.

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Simply ingenious: This battery comes with its own USB charging socket. This makes an extra charger superfluous!
Simply connect it to a USB port (e.g. in the car or mobile phone charger) with the USB cable supplied - that's all.
An LED built into the battery even informs you about the current charging status.

Of course, the NEXTORCH® 18650 USB Li-ion battery with 3400 mAh is triple protected, so it has "IC Protection", a PCB with short-circuit, overcharge and deep discharge protection.
The NEXTORCH® 18650 USB Li-Ion battery with 3400 mAh is suitable for all devices and especially torches that use an 18650 battery.

  • 18650 Li-ion battery with micro USB charging port and LED charging indicator.
  • Capacity:                          3400mAh / 12.24Wh
  • Reverse polarity / overcharge / overcharge protection.
  • Voltage:                            3.6V
  • Dimension:                      18.4 mm diameter length 70.6 mm
  • Charging current:             max. 2A via charger / max 1A via USB port
  • Max. Charging voltage:   4.30 + / - 0.05V
  • Discharge current:            5-6.3A
  • Charging time (h):            4-5 hours
  • Discharge time (h):          8-10 hours
  • Over 500 charge and discharge cycles

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