NEXTORCH P56 - Crime Scene Lamp for Forensic Medicine & Police Crime Scene Work


Waterproof, handy torch with complete equipment for forensic evidence search.

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Forensic torch (patented world first) - a complete crime scene light set & forensic kit in one torch. 

Forensic light with UV / blue / green / red / IR / and white light sources. In the past, investigators had to lug a lot of lighting equipment to the crime scene - NEXTORCH has now packed everything forensics needs into a single torch. The new NEXTORCH P56 is small, handy, shockproof, shatterproof and absolutely waterproof. In addition to normal white light, the NEXTORCH P56 covers all wavelengths needed in investigative work.

Light ranges: 
White light: 110 metres + 21 metres 
Blue light: 16 metres + 6 metres 
Green light: 41 metres + 17 metres 
Red light: 40 metres + 17 metres 

Running times: 
White light: 3h 45 min + 36h 
UV light: 5h + 40h 
Blue light: 7h 30 min + 35h 
Green light: 8h 30 min + 39h 
Red light 4h 30min + 22h 
IR light 7h 45min + 19h 

Drop height: 1 metre 

Waterproof: IPX8 ≙ 2 metres diving depth 

Powered by either 18650 Li-ion battery (included) or two standard CR123A batteries (optional)

Weight: 190g (without batteries or rechargeable battery) 

Dimensions: 166mm x 27.3mm x 36.6mm 

Housing material: aviation aluminium 6061-T6, hard-coat anodising according to Mil-Spec Type III

Colour: Black 

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